How To Use Express VPN In China

Anyone of you who has once visited China for either long-term or short-term period must have understood quite well that it is not always great staying in the great industrial country. China has been widely-known as one of countries around the world with the most restrictions, especially those related with internet connection.

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Youtube, Facebook, Netflix and BBC are currently blocked in the country, which means that no netizen in the country can access those sites without a special channel. This special channel to bypass the country’s Great Firewall is known as VPN or Virtual Private Network. You must have well noticed its basic purposes, mustn’t you?


The Outstanding ExpressVPN

It is such a blessing for everyone in China to find the existence of VPN which could be their only hope to stay connected with the vast world outside their country’s Great Firewall. However, considering about the geographical location which is rarely accessible, there are not so many VPNs that can work well in the country. The most frequent problem occurred is related with the VPNs unreliable speed.

Yet, there is one that stands out quite brightly among those VPNs offered in the market. ExpressVPN is one VPN which has 1,000 servers spread in 78 countries around the world. Some of them are even located close to China borders, which could graciously impact to the VPN’s connection speed.

Server location is highly influential to the VPN’s connection speed. ExpressVPN, unlike other competitors have the most servers of which locations are spread widely around the globe. Through their features, users can flexibly select a server of which speed is the fastest.


Many reviewers have proven ExpressVPN’s reliable connection. It is almost stable every time they connect their devices to ExpressVPN. Despite ExpressVPN’s expensive package plans, the VPN is really worth testing. Even if you cannot opt for free subscription, you are given an opportunity to get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Using ExpressVPN in China

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It is highly recommended for you to purchase ExpressVPN’s plan before visiting China. It indicates that you have previously downloaded and installed the app on your devices, also registered an account. Once you get the connection, then your life in China would be no longer boring as everyone else may perceive.

It is not so much different about how to use ExpressVPN in China compared to other locations. You can also access ExpressVPN’s 24/7 customer service to get you information you need whenever you have trouble with the VPN services.