How To Use Express VPN On Apple TV

ExpressVPN may not be the cheapest VPN to find on the market, but it does serve great features to run on their fast-speed channel. The VPN app has come with a special feature that can track recommended servers based on their faster speed compared to the rest of ExpressVPN’s 1000 servers which are located in 78 countries.

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Not only that, ExpressVPN is one among VPNs who are pretty friendly with device integration and Netflix. If you are a big fan of Netflix planning to dive down through VPN channel to get the secured access to your favorite shows, then ExpressVPN is certainly one reliable partner. Get it connected to your Apple TV and there will be nothing could separate you from your Netflix shows!


Overview of ExpressVPN

It is so easy to get the VPN on your devices. Get it downloaded and installed on your devices, before registering an ExpressVPN account. You will not have so much trouble in undergoing this process, even kids and elderly people will not find the app’s interface quite confusing. In addition, activation will not take much time. This is a point for ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN works on several protocol options such as UDP, TDP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, or PPTP to connect with OpenVPN. As mentioned earlier, ExpressVPN comes with great speed so that you will not experience terrible buffering while opening 1080p-videos. This also works on your playing some heavy online games. You are not going to get the connection devastatingly drops. ExpressVPN is the best company to stream videos, including Netflix.


Connecting ExpressVPN to Apple TV

This is how to use ExpressVPN on Apple TV, but you must firstly check if your Apple TV’s AirPlay is ON. Go to the TV settings to check on it. Once it is ON, you can connect your Apple TV to either your iOS device or Mac.

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If you are on your iOS device such as iPhone, then connect both your iOS device and AppleTV to the same Wi-Fi. Access the Control Center on your iOS device and tap AirPlay. Select the Apple TV you want to connect to and switch the Mirroring to ON. Next, connect your device to ExpressVPN before accessing the Netflix show you would like to watch.

Connecting your Mac to Apple TV is also easy. Choose the Apple TV you are going to connect to your Mac through AirPlay menu and switch it to ON. Then connect your Mac to ExpressVPN to start watching your favorite Netflix show through your Apple TV.