How To Use Express VPN With Vuze

If you are a big fan of Torrenting, then you must be quite familiar with Vuze. This BitTorrent client is considered as the second best and most popular client after uTorrent. It earns that recognition for its rich features that have satisfied so many users. One of the great features is IP Bind of which function is to free you from having to check if your torrent uses VPN IP and also enable the client to work only when the VPN IP is active.

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Overview of Vuze

Vuze is widely admired for its great features and also interface. If you willing to get e direct experience with the torrent client, you are going to be able to see its intuitive basic interface which is easy to use. In addition, Vuze is great at protecting your torrenting routine from VPN disconnects. It frequently happens if you use VPN with low-quality connection speed.


The BitTorrent client has also come with transcoding feature of which purpose is to convert video for playback on multiple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and TiVo. It is such a pleasure to have this feature with you, alongside so many other available plugins that would add up more functionality to Vuze.

Not only that, with Vuze, you can manage and control BitTorrent downloads from any device in any place you want to.

Using ExpressVPN with Vuze

In regards to the phenomena of VPN disconnects that often happen to torrenting, particularly with Vuze, users are highly recommended to use the best VPN with the most reliable speed connection, ExpressVPN is the one you can certainly rely on while planning to enjoy torrenting via Vuze.

It is not only about the VPN’s fast speed, but also its easy-to-use software and great customer service which is available for 24/7. It is not only said in the VPN’s ads, but also suggested in a number of trustworthy reviewers.

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As it gets down to the matter of how to use ExpressVPN with Vuze, it is not so difficult to practice. The VPN’s setup and interface is impressively easy and simple, so that you would not find much trouble while working on that. The VPN’s 1,000 servers spread in 78 locations should also have told you much about the VPN’s quality.

Hence, it is not surprising if you have to pay a bit higher for their services. ExpressVPN’s services may be more expensive, but it is really worth it.